Picture less infusion time over the course of treatment

Your initial infusions (first 4 to 6 doses) with Elfabrio will be given every 2 weeks in an infusion center or your doctor’s office. Every person is different, so in addition to the Elfabrio infusion time, more time may be needed for giving premedications.

What to expect with Elfabrio over time

Decreasing infusion times
After the first 4 to 6 infusions and once your doctor confirms your body is handling Elfabrio well, the infusion time may be decreased. Depending on your body weight and other factors, your maintenance infusions may be as short as 1.5 hours.

Need for premedications may decrease
When switching to Elfabrio, your doctor may consider continuing premedications from your previous ERT for your initial infusions. Once it’s clear that your body can tolerate the Elfabrio infusions, your doctor may be able to decrease or stop your premedications.*

Infusions at home or in the clinic
With your doctor’s consent, you may be able to transition to home infusions with a certified infusion nurse after you have shown you can tolerate Elfabrio and begun maintenance infusions (insurance permitting).

* Premedications may include antihistamines, fever reducers, or corticosteroids.
If you are receiving treatment or residing in MA or RI, you are not eligible for infusion services. Please see the full Terms and Conditions for additional eligibility requirements.